Top 5 Tips for Avoiding a Bad Haircut

Summer is a popular time of year for getting a new haircut.  Perhaps you’re looking for something shorter or maybe something that is easier to manage or maybe you’ve seen some hot new summer hair trend which you’d like to try out. Unfortunately any change in style can lead to the dreaded ‘bad haircut’ which can make you want to stay inside and miss the summer altogether.  Fortunately we’ve gone a step ahead in helping you avoid bad haircuts this summer with our top helpful tips.  You’ll be thankful that you gave them a read!

  1. Never Cut Your Hair Yourself

You’d be surprised at how many people who think that they can give themselves a great haircut simply by watching a YouTube video.  They can’t.  Hairdressing is a skill which takes years of training and practice, so always see a professional if you want good results.  You’ll only end up visiting one anyway to correct any mistakes so you may as well visit one in the first place.

  1. Go in Prepared

That’s right – do your research!  Check out styles online, look around you for inspiration or browse through some hair magazines to find the style that you want.  Consider things such as length, texture, colour and whether or not the style is easy to manage. The more prepared you are, the more you’ll be likely to end up with what you want, and less likely to be disappointed.

  1. Use Photos

We’ve all got smartphones these days – use them!  Take pictures of your chosen haircuts and if possible, try and get a few angles to give your stylist the best chance of recreating your chosen look.  Pinterest and Google Image Search are great places to get fantastic hair inspiration from celebrities and professional hair stylist images.

  1. Don’t Be Scared to Ask For What You Want

This is one of the most important tips.  Always go into the salon clear that you are going to ask for what you want.  Even if you’re not sure and are seeking advice from your stylist about different styles – only go for something which you’re confident and happy with.  This makes things easier for you as well as your stylist.

  1.  If You’re Not Happy, Tell Your Stylist

At the end of the day, you’re paying for a service and your stylist wants you to walk out of the salon happy, not pretending that you’re happy and then heading to the nearest shop to buy a hat.  If you’re not happy with your finished look, do something about it.  Ask if they can make a style less severe, or tone the colour down if it’s not how you imagined it and they’ll be sure to help you.  Whilst they can’t magically grow back hair that has been cut, they can shape and cut it into a style which is more desirable for you.

There’s nothing better than leaving the hairdressers with a hot new look and a smile on your face.  Make sure you take these tips on board to avoid bad hair disasters and for more confidence decision making when it comes to your hair.  The friendly team at Clippers will always listen to what you want and give your hair the treatment it deserves.  Call into the salon for a good hair day today, no appointment necessary.

Whether you want bouncy curls, which are definitely back in this season, or sleeked back hair with a pixie quiff we can oblige! The new season hair trends for women have arrived, and whether you want bouncy curls or fuss free waves, a precise cut will ensure your hair falls into place perfectly every time. For that special occasion top knots and braids can achieve ‘the look’, although don’t take the chance of it falling apart on the day ensure you get it styled professionally by one of our team.